Filoli Gardens

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Filoli Gardens Map

The Filoli Gardens are located 30 miles south of San Francisco, California. This beautiful early twentieth century formal garden is filled with examples of the kinds of interesting plants that can be grown in the mild frost free climate of the California coast.

Filoli Gardens consists of a house built in the early 1900's plus 16 acres of formal garden. The entire Filoli estate is quite expansive totaling 654 acres. The surrounding area is also very beautiful because it is part of the Crystal Springs watershed that supplies water to San Francisco, meaning it cannot be developed.

Currently owned by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Filoli Gardens is maintained by professional horticulturists and student interns. Interestingly, a large number of volunteers also work at Filoli.

The following photos of Filoli Gardens were taken in the middle of May 2006.