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Ryan's palm list

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Joined: 07 Dec 2010
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 06, 2014 12:59 pm    Post subject: Ryan's palm list Reply with quote

Thought it would be helpful for me to have a list somewhere of what I'm growing and the conditions it’s in. It may also be helpful to others in the future. I will edit this as time goes on with updates. These are just what I have found/seen.
Going to start off with the easier to keep ones.

Mule Palm-Planted (3) 20" grow bags 3-13. 1 was taken out of the grow bag (mistake) and is in half day sun. The other 2 are is 3/4 day sun. The 2 in more sun seem to be doing better but that could still be because they were not removed from their grow bags. I plan to replace 2 more queen palms this spring with them or Cubans. This is really a plant it and forget about it palm.

Parajubaea Torallyi- Planted (2) 15G on 3-13 Both are in about ¾ day sun. One has done great the other has suffered from fungus or rot and may or may not make it. I think these palms will really take off this summer from other locals experience.

Parajubaea Sunka- Planted (1) 15G on 3-13- Died due to my sprinkler system getting clogged. Picked up another going into ¾ day sun on 3-14. I think this palm will be an easy keep here.

Cuban Royal Palm- Few of these around the yard most all planted in 3-12. Most all are in ½ day sun or less. Most will grow into more sun. I know these will do well here as there are a few large ones around but they have been a challenge for me. I have lost a few of them due to last year’s freeze and probably not enough water in summer. 1 that is by my pool in a very protected area is doing great and grows very fast in the summer.

Bismarckia Nobilis- 1 5G planted in 3-10 really starting to grow after a slow first few years. (1) 30” box planted 3-12 trying to decide if it’s going to die or not. I have found that getting a small one is better off than a big one. They HATE being transplanted. I have now killer 4 or 5 30” boxed ones. Even planting them in the ground still in their box almost killed this last one. All are in ¾ day sun and would probably like more. Once you get this palm established it’s a great palm. One of the only fan palms I like.

Sabal Blackburniana- (1) 5G planted in 5-12. Stat still like a lot of palms for the first 8-12 months but is now steadily growing. In ¾ day sun and looking for more. (1) 15G planted 9-13 in full sun. Bulletproof palm so far.

Phoenix Reclinata- (1) 25G planted 3-12 in ¾ day sun. (1) 5G in full sun and (1) 5G in ¾ day sun. One in full sun growing the fastest. All seem bulletproof like most Phoenix species.

Phoenix Rupicola- Probably the hardest to keep Phoenix for me. I have killed a few 15G ones but currently have (2) 15G ones that went in 3-13 and are slow but steady. Both are in ¼-1/2 day sun and no afternoon sun yet.

Phoenix Reclinata x Rupicola Hybrid- Planted (2) 15G on 4-12. One in full sun and one in morning sun only. Both are slow and steady with minimal maintenance. I have high hopes for this palm this year.

Beccariophoenix Alfredii- Planted (2) 5G on 3-13 One is in ¾ day sun and is going great. One is in ½ day sun and is suffering from a fungus/rot and it may or may not make it. Picked up a 15G on 3-14 waiting to go into the ground.

Beccariophoenix Madagascariensis- Purchased a 15G on 3-14 going into the ground shortly. This palm will be planted in filtered ½ day sun or less.

Beccariophoenix Madagascariensis (Window form)- 5G purchased 3-13 still in its pot waiting for me to find the right place to plant it. Needs heavy shade from what I read and does not like below 32F.

This is a work in progress. I have many more palms to add.....
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PostPosted: Thu May 21, 2015 2:16 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

how about an update on your stuff. some pix
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