Capulin Cherry, Capuli

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Capulin Cherry

Capulin Cherry trees are related to Northern Cherry trees, such as Bing Cherries. Unlike their relatives, Capulins have a dormancy period that is triggered by day length rather than by cold temperatures and therefore do not need cold winter weather to regulate their yearly flowering and fruiting cycle. Also, unlike Northern Cherries, Capulins fruit in the late summer and fall instead of in late spring.

As can be seen in the picture, taken in August, Capulins produce their fruit on strings. Unfortunately, Capulins have a reputation for not producing very good tasting fruit. The reason for this is that they have not been commercially developed and are often grown from seed. Like any fruit tree, the quality of fruit from a seedling is unrealiable. Select varieties of Capulin have excellent, sweet tasting cherries. The tree pictured above is one of them. Its fruit is delicious.