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We have gotten so serious about tropical gardening that we bought a condo on Hawaii's Garden Isle Kauai. However, we still live in Arizona so most of the time we rent it out.

For stays of all lengths you can go through the booking sites. For stays of 5 days or more you can book with us directly or go through the booking sites. To rent directly contact us at For direct rental, I accept payment through a business Stripe account that will allow you to use your credit card and also is fully refundable as long as you meet the cancellation policies. I only charge an 8% reservation fee if you book through me directly as opposed to the 14% fee charged through other booking sites. We will save you a lot of money by cutting out the middle man. I will send you a full price quote, along with cancellation policies if you are interested.

Our listings on booking sites can be found below. Even if you book directly these are good places to see photos and read up on all we have to offer. Direct bookings will receive an official confirmation through Castle Resorts.

Kiahuna Condo 96 Airbnb

Kiahuna Condo 96

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