Landscaping Plants for Phoenix Arizona

The parts of a property that are not occupied by fruiting and exotic trees are usually occupied by landscaping plants. Ideal plants for landscaping are easy to take care of, attractive, and need little if any supplemental watering. Hundreds of books have been devoted to desert and xeriscape gardening, and there are a substantial number of plant varieties that are suitable. However, there is a much shorter list of standout plants which are the star performers in the typical Phoenix landscape. Anyone who has lived in Phoenix more the 5 years, or has landscaped a property can rattle off a list of favorites. The links below lead to categorized lists of exceptional landscaping plants plus some other useful landscaping information. Some plants have characteristics that fit more than one group and are therefore included more than once.

Colorful flowering landscape plants for Phoenix Arizona Colorful Flowering Plants
Heat tolerant landscape plants for Phoenix Arizona Heat Tolerant Plants
Full sun landscape plants for Phoenix Arizona Full Sun Plants

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