Nut Grass

Is nut grass really that bad of a summer lawn in Phoenix? I tried a nutgrass specific poison, called Sedgehammer, to kill my nutgrass. It seemed to work at first but then seemed to eventually kill my bermuda grass too, which was exactly the opposite of what I wanted.

Now, years later, the nutgrass has come back and the bermuda grass has not. However, it is possible that the bermuda is reluctant to come back as strong because my backyard gets a fair amount of shade. It's hard to say for sure why the bermuda is not really coming back, but the bermuda was definitely doing better before the war on nutgrass.

So, I tried very hard to get rid of nutgrass, and sprayed it multiple times, and its safe to say that I failed. Since it is so easy to grow anyways and doesn't look half bad why not just have a nutgrass lawn mixed with bermuda? Of course, hybrid bermuda grass is much nicer, but common bermuda is not much nicer. Maybe we should just embrace nut grass? My important lawn these days is my winter lawn anyways. I always overseed with perrenial rye and it lasts 8 months as opposed to only 4 months for the summer lawn.

Nut Grass Lawn

Nut Grass Lawn

Nut Grass Sprigs

Nut Grass Sprig

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